Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Adventure Bum rides again

After having pretty much written this project off for another year I found a printer that is willing to work with me on my calendar. I am hoping to have this done and ready for people to order by the first part of August.

For those people who are not familiar with my Adventure Bum calendar project it was an idea I had a few years ago but started to seriously work on it last year. The idea is to put people in adventure scenes with all the gear and looking like they know that their doing but when you look closer you realize that they aren't wearing any pants. It is not meant to be sexual and most people when they see it just start to giggle, which was exactly what I was going for. Here are a few samples from the series.

This was the last image done for the project. I shot this near Lake Mead in Nevada. Once again natural light. This was just a few hours before I was supposed to jump on a plane to come home. I went from 70 degrees in Las Vegas to -14 in Fargo in about 4 hours.
This was the very first image for the project and I think it set the tone for the whole series. I had a silver Tri-grip camera right to help fill in the shadows other then that it was a very simple image to create. 

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Been on a spree!

I have been shooting non-stop for the last three weeks. Everything from rock climbing to fashion to dance. A lot of the stuff has been just shoots to keep busy but every now and then I come across a subject or have an idea that jumps out at me. And these are some of the images that have stood out.

For this shot I was going pretty light. I had two SB-800s camera left, triggered with the SU-800. The lens choice again was on the light side but very sharp, I left my 70-200 2.8 at home in favor of the Nikon 70-300 racked out to 300mm.
This was a test shot I was doing with my new 35mm 1.8 Nikon, a great little lens. I had 2 SB-800s camera left, one kicking off of a silver Tri-grip on the ground in front of her and another back in the tunnel and triggered everything with a fourth SB-800.
This one was really simple, natural light and a little bit of post work with the levels.