Saturday, April 10, 2010

I took a bit of a break......

But I am back with a lot of cool stuff in the works! On Friday I was in Duluth, MN shooting with a couple new friends that are dancers. The first shoot was with Juliana, she owns a dace studio and we did some ballet themed images.
This image was done with a flash in a softbox camera left and shot with a 70-200mm.
This one was a little more involved for the lighting. I had one strobe outside the window set to optical slave mode so that when it saw another flash fire it was triggered. Then there was a strait flash camera right and behind Juliana set at a 105mm zoom to provide a hard edge of light along her back and leg. Lastly there was a strobe in a softbox camera left to provide fill. Shot with a 17-55mm.
Last of all is this cool silhouette, done with natural light and shot with a 70-200mm.

More to come soon!

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  1. Hi John, I can't seem to find contact info here on your blog. Can you email me at about a possible shoot? John Schwartz recommended you. Thanks! Barb