Monday, July 26, 2010

In praise of natural light.

If you've been a reader of this blog for any time you might have noticed I have almost gone out of my way to shoot images that require me to use artificial light. For years I worked with nothing but natural light and a lot of time it was kind of hit or miss with the quality of light and thats what attracts me to using artificial light, because I can manipulate it to get what I want. The down side is that I have to drag out extra gear and it takes longer which means you run the risk of missing some shots cause your fiddling with lights. So here are two images where I shot with just natural light on a dark overcast day.


  1. An homage, perhaps? What was his name? SHot a lot for early fashion mags.

  2. Excuse me for my regurgitated ramblings, I am new to this blog.

    There definitely seems to be a difference between professional photography and amatuer photography. As I read and learn to see the difference and that becomes an inner conflict, whether or not to follow certain rules which are in these days seem to be what set professionals apart from amatuers.

    The balance of tip toing around the professional rules and feeling whats in your heart when you take the shoot, what a great journey!

    Both pictures linked above are very nice. Are they professional, I am not a judge on that. How do you feel about them, do you really like them? Most photographers feel that out of 1000 photos taken it's hard to really find one photo that they truly love.

    Overcast days are actually great days to shoot because of the beautiful soft light.

    As long as your happy with the photos that is all that matters.

    I've been taking photos for at least 15 years myself and still haven't figured my style out yet.

    Both photo's are very interesting, do I personally like them, I don't because to me they feel like they are empty. However!!! I think they are great photos even though I don't like em. There is a lot to be learned from them and a lot to be appreciated about them.

    Nice photos!