Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Since I got back from LA my friend Mike has really stepped up and helped me out with some of my photo ideas that I came up with over the winter.
For this one I put my Elinchrom Quadra flash outside and fired it back into the bar through the window.
This was a one light set up, I had the Quadra set up camera right with a 10 degree grid to control light spill. The light on his back is late evening sun that was a happy accident.
This was lit with a Quadra camera left fired through a 53" Octabank.
Same light as previous image. All shot with a 16-85 Nikkor, Nikon D300 and processed in Adobe Lightroom.


  1. Ahhhh!!!! LOVE the one with the ax!!! That is awesome- if you ever want a chick for creepy shots, I'm your girl ;)

  2. Oh that second picture creeps me out!!! Exactly why I will never pick up a hitchhiker :) L.O.V.E the last image absolutely FUNtastic. The first image just makes me want to pull up a chair and listen to his story... Great work!