Monday, January 26, 2009

Making a simple pub image isn't always that simple.

This image looks like a great late afternoon image doesn't it? Got the nice late afternoon sun coming in through the window and a pint of Fat Tire. Looks pretty simple right? For the most part it was except for the fact that even though it was shot at about 4pm the window is facing the east and has a patio on the other side, so we were getting a very soft light coming in. That wasn't the scene I really wanted to get, there wasn't any drama to the light. The simple solution was to put a couple of SB-800 strobes on a stand out in the patio and fire them in through the window. But why stop there, I wanted a nice warm glow of the late afternoon sun, the easy fix was to add a full stop of CTO gel to each strobe. And to get the hard shadows from the windows I took the domes of the strobes to get that hard light. Of course the best part of the shoot was to hang out with a good friend and have a pint getting a great image out of it is just a bonus. Till next time.

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