Monday, February 8, 2010

Lots of color!

On Sunday I made the trek down to Minneapolis despite everyone telling me about the possible impending weather to shoot with the band Yasen Marie. The drive down was fine but by the time I left I got to deal with a 5 hour white knuckle drive. Wasn't even because the roads were slick, the further north I went and the less traffic the more snow that stuck to the roads obscuring the lines on the road. But when it was all said and done with I had an amazing time shooting with the band and we got some great images.
For this one of Amera I put a flash under each of the drums firing up with some bright gels on them so it looks like the light is almost coming right out of the drums. Then I had Emily, the bass player, holding a third SB-800 with a cardboard snoot pointed right at Amera's face set a stop brighter then the gelled flashes so the light on her face was daylight balanced.

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