Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So many choices.

Today I was working my new friend Mallory in the wardrobe department of the theatre department and during a break I started to look around and I saw this great isle of shoes and had to do a photo in there. As you can see its kind of cramped in there, its maybe 2 feet wide down this isle and if I had been trying to use big lights it would have never worked.
For this shot I have one flash on a Justin Clamp on the shelf camera right with a cardboard snoot. To get the background separation I clamped another SB-800 to the shelf in the background with the dome diffuser. After doing a few tests like that I noticed that her legs kind of disappeared and I employed my new stand by of laying a reflector on the floor and in this case I just set an SB-800 on top of it kicking up some nice fill light.

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